Bike Path – Pista ciclabile

The bike lane Alpe Adria runs across the Alps and connects Mozart’s birthplace Salzburg to Carinthia and Friuli, all the way to Aquileia, Grado and the Adriatic Sea.

425 kilometers of bike path that wind along the Salzach Valley and the Gastein Valley, then  Boeckstein Mallnitz, for a short distance, by train, to arrive in Carinthia and go back to bicilcletta through Spittal a.Drau, Villach, Arnoldstein; so you reach the Italian-Austrian border and along the route of the old disused railway, from Tarvisio, crossing Pontebba, Chiusaforte, Venzone, Udine, Palmanova, you get up to Aquileia and the Adriatic Sea at Grado.

A succession of stunning natural landscapes that will only fascinate and thrill the rider who crosses them!




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